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Precious Stone


What We're all about

At Energetic Connections, we take the art of healing souls seriously. Our mission is to provide the tools and guidance necessary to promote a deep inner connection with your authentic self so that you may live your most natural, best life possible. We strive to heal the collective energies on this planet in hopes of providing the upmost love & light to all.

All crystals, gemstones, & additional merchandise is sourced by our owner, Alicia, who has dedicated herself to providing items that are ethically sourced with as minimal environmental impact as possible . Alicia works directly with the each source to ensure the quality and purity of each item. We offer a wide selection of merchandise and services to fit every person uniquely. From those who have already begun their healing journey to those who are looking to start, Energetic Connections offers something for everyone.  

We are committed to assisting you in finding the items and services you’re looking for and are there for your every need. Contact us today for any and all of your question!

Blessings Always, Beautiful Souls!

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